Our Process

How we do it - The "5 P" system

  1. Person: YOU! Are you shy? Are sports important to you? Do you thrive in large groups?
  2. Program: Does the college offer your preferred area of study and your co-curricular interests?
  3. People: What is the student : faculty ratio? How diverse is the student body?
  4. Place: Rural? Urban? Suburban? Private? Public? State? Liberal Arts? Cold? Warm?
  5. Price: Tuition fees? Financial Aid, scholarships offered?

Our Services

We help you with the following


  1. Tracking Grades and Academic Achievements
  2. Applying to Summer Programs
  3. Planning college visits
  4. College Selection
  5. Application Forms
  6. Essays and/or Personal Statement - guidance and editing
  7. Preparing a comprehensive resume
  8. Guidance on the tests required - SAT-I, SAT-II, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL
  9. Advice about Extra-Curricular Activities
  10. Interview prep
  11. Advice regarding financial aid


  1. Identifying courses
  2. Researching colleges/institutions
  3. College Selection
  4. Essays and/or Personal Statement - guidance and editing
  5. Preparing a comprehensive resume
  6. Interview prep
  7. Ensuring all paperwork is in place
  8. Advice regarding financial aid