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Applying for undergraduate studies overseas in the midst of a packed school and extra curricular schedule can be daunting, confusing, and time consuming.

We at College Solutions, will help make the task easier. Providing a personalised service by matching your strengths and needs with the institution and program that is perfect for you, we help you find the Right Fit.

We recommend you start well in time, ideally just after your Class X Board exams, for us to support you and keep you focused through the process.

We help you plan your schedules for taking the required tests, build a robust resume with the right blend of extra-curricular activities, encourage you to maintain academic standards and guide you to write an outstanding essay.

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Perhaps you graduated from college a year or two ago and are already working; are you thinking of further studies now and beginning to entertain the thought of Graduate School?

Researching courses, institutions and entry requirements, preparing applications, writing compelling essays and making sure your resume highlights all your strengths and accomplishments can be a Herculean task to take on at the end of a working day.

We can help you to find the right college to propel you to the next stage of your career.

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Students college admission

You are taking an Important Step

The right college for you will be the one that will help you learn and grow, achieve your highest possible academic and social potential and prepare you to successfully meet the challenges of adult life. It will also be the one where you make lifelong friends, network with the best minds in your field and form associations that can lead to successful careers.

There is a college for you. Irrespective of grades, test scores and extra-curricular activities, finding the ideal environment that is perfect for you and will empower you, requires careful planning. A balance of academia, leadership, hobbies and service make your college application a true reflection of what you will bring to the institution you ultimately choose to go to.

The counselors at College Solutions provide a personalized strategy for each student bearing their talents and strengths in mind. In-depth knowledge about colleges ensures that every application is as unique as the individual and the choice of colleges is customized.

You have this opportunity to choose the best path for your academic career so get started by completing this inquiry form.